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Basic Philosophy

Discover and Share the Variety in Africa

In short DASVIA.
There is still the perception that Africa is one country engulfed with poverty, filth and hunger. Africa in reality is a continent and consist of 54 countries. These countries have various race, religions, original cultures, traditions and very unique smiles.

DaSViA study and develop various natural produce into finished products for our consumers in the world. Our activities improve the environment of the produces and their livelihood. This is we, DaSViA, do.

We deliver more than the developed products of Ghana. We do send information about how our products are made and the people who we work with as well as we do research from agriculture to current life and high-tech market in Ghana. It is also our task, who has responsibility of sustainable development, to deliver the message which we want you to know and response to the questions you want answered.

Discovery & Development, and Deliver to the World

Discovery & Development, and Deliver to the World

Our development starts from discovery of the materials locally produced.
Then, we handcraft the products which is easy to use and have individuality

In Ghana, we have original crafts such as bolgabasket and recycle glass beads, and natural materials such as Shea tree and Baobab tree producing high nutrients. We find a new possibility on these crafts and the nigh nutrients, and then developing the products.

Our goal of developments is making the products which are Provide organic and natural nutrition to skin, Realizing customer’s opinions and have our originality, Making customers and our community happy. Each items has story and we are sending information of the items Through our products, we are aiming to deliver the variety of Africa, and to make more peopl healthy both physically and mentally.

Clothes Recycling Project

Discovery & Development, and Deliver to the World

While we are aware of contributions to the communities through business,
We are energetically engaged in recycle activities.

In Accra-Ghana, we interact regularly with the customers through flea markets and events.
We use these opportunities to share the recycling activity.
We collect clothes/things which are no longer needed and deliver to the women’s group who work with us.
They are always happy with the clothes and things for not only adult but also their babies.

We always appreciate your corporation!
Please keep checking the collection day and venue from our Facebook page or Twitter !
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