DaSViA | Unrefined Shea Butter | Bolga Basket | Baobab Oil | Black Soap

DaSViA For Sharing Creativity in Africa

From Ghana in West Africa
Shea Butter with Rich in Nutrients
Baskets weaved from Colorful Straw
Baobab Oil is the natural choice for healthy skin
Cloth with Unique African Prints

Our Philosophy

Africa is a continent and consists of 54 countries.
Each country has smiles, vitalities original cultures and traditions.
We are developing natural products and deliver them to our consumers in the world.
Improve the environment of producers though products development.
Aiming for success of ourselves while contributing to Society.

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About Concept

Empowerment Project

While we are aware of contributions to the communities through business manufacturing, we are energetically engaged in recycle activities such as clothes recycle project!

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Empowerment Project

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